The magic of personal connections

Who is a connector?

Connectors help startups raise capital by introducing them to investors, giving startups the chance to get their foot in the door with busy investors – one the biggest challenges within the startup life cycle.

Why do connectors help startups?

Connectors are service providers – like law firms, accountants, or banks – as well as investors and seasoned entrepreneurs. At the heart of it, their work relies on a strong and ever-growing business network.

Deal flow is one of the best ways of maintaining this network. Connectors create new relationships with emerging companies, and reinforce existing relationships with investors by sending them new and exciting investment opportunities.

How does Venture Raise work?

Entrepreneurs create a company profile, then let Venture Raise run an "Investor Match" to identify the investors who are most likely to back their company.

They can then request connectors to give them a warm, personalized introduction to any of those investors.

How does the Investor Match work?

Venture Raise looks at startup and investor profiles, and calculates a match percentage by comparing such factors as market model, industry, or location. Entrepreneurs then receive a list of investors, ranked in order of match percentage.

What does Venture Raise cost?

For startups, there are no fees to create an account and start matching with investors. For connectors, please contact the Venture Raise team at support@ventureraise.io.

What are the attributes of companies who are successful on this platform?

For technology companies, pre-revenue companies tend to not get responses from the funds on this platform. Companies with $5M or more in revenue, get a lot of interest. Companies with $1-5 in revenue get modest interest, while companies with less than $1M in revenue get a little interest.

Why aren’t connectors responding when I ask for referrals?

Entrepreneurs need to build relationships with the connectors. This is a relationship platform, not a transactional platform. It is vital that the entrepreneur read and understand the connector’s expectations. The connector’s relationships with investors are carefully guarded and often the lifeblood of their businesses. They will only refer entrepreneurs to their contacts after they have gotten to know them and are convinced that they are worthy of their recommendation.

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