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Venture Raise connects entrepreneurs with investors through superconnectors from the world's top law and accounting firms, banks, and sales organizations.

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Cold outreach doesn't. Connectors from organizations like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Silicon Valley Bank tap personal investor networks to help you.

Some of our Connectors

Our connectors are eager to introduce you to investors in their network

Daniel Abrams

CEO, MassLight

Daniel runs MassLight, a build-for-equity provider, offering startups world class engineering teams solely for equity. MassLight connects startups with capital, engineers, marketers, and management.

Dax Williamson

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

Dax is super connected to the Austin venture ecosystem. He knows all of the investors in the city and surrounding regions. His colleagues at SVB are connected to the rest of the venture ecosystem. SVB is the leading venture bank.

Brad Phillips

Director, PricewaterhouseCooper

Brad is highly connected in the DC Metro and greater mid-Atlantic region where he knows virtually all of the investors in the area. He is always happy to share his network with entrepreneurs. Brad does business development for PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world's largest accounting and professional services organization.

Nick Spiller

CEO, Funding Camps

Nick Spiller spent four years as a VC at and managing investor relations for Capital Factory in Austin where he built an incredible Texas network of investors. He is now CEO of Funding Camps where he helps entrepreneurs execute a high-odds of success funding campaign when they aren't a fit, at least yet, for traditional venture capital.

Phil Zalewski

CEO, Parkwood Group

Phil is a connector who knows family offices, VCs, private equity funds and some angels. As a fellow entrepreneur, Phil likes to assist companies in connecting with sources of capital. He is CEO work the Parkwood Group, which does outsourced sales.

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